--> Light dimming blinds for flat roof windows

Light dimming blinds for flat roof windows

From £243.00 excl. vat

Flexible light control and effective insulation

  • Blackout effect
  • Double pleated fabric with an aluminium coating inside for improved insulation
  • No visible cords

Our double pleated blinds for flat roof windows offer exceptional light control and improved insulation. They have a slim design and no visible cords, so they make an attractive choice for any room. These blinds are simple to install from inside your home and they are io-homecontrol compatible.

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5 Dimout



5 Dimout

Available in 2 colours: black and white. VELUX light dimming blinds offer a light-tight seal for darkness, but to different degrees depending on the colour of the blind. The darker the colour, the better the black out effect.

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Versione INTEGRA elettrica

Le tende filtranti plissettate elettriche si possono installare su finestre per tetti piani INTEGRA elettriche e possono essere comandate e programmate con il control pad touch-screen in dotazione con la finestra, per il massimo del comfort e dell’efficienza energetica.

Per installare le tende filtranti plissettate elettriche su finestre manuali, sarà necessario acquistare una centralina KUX 100.

INTEGRA solare

Se hai una finestra VELUX INTEGRA solare o elettrica puoi acquistare una tapparella nella versione INTEGRA solare e collegarla direttamente alla finestra, senza passaggio di cavi, controllando entrambi i prodotti attraverso il control pad. Grazie ai programmi predefiniti o personalizzati a seconda delle tue esigenze, puoi ottimizzare l'uso della tapparella per avere comfort ed efficienza energetica.

Se hai una finestra manuale e desideri installare una tapparella solare, lo puoi fare senza acquistare ulteriori accessori, perché i prodotti INTEGRA solari sono pronti da installare, senza cavi.


VELUX light dimming blinds for flat roof windows are made of a double-pleated blackout cloth in polyester with an aluminium honeycomb structure inside that improves insulation. The insulating power of the aluminium coating keeps heat in during winter and improves comfort and temperature. The side channels are made of natural anodised aluminium that prevent light leakage around the edges. The cords are concealed in the double layer of fabric and made of polyester.


I prodotti VELUX sono realizzati con materiali di altissima qualità e progettati per durare a lungo nel tempo. Tutte le tende e tapparelle VELUX sono coperte da una garanzia di 3 anni.

Order free cloth samples

If you find it difficult to make up your mind, we also offer cloth samples for all blinds and colours offered in our e-shop. Please note that the cloth samples are intended as a colour and texture sample only and may not show the full design. Every effort is made to ensure that the samples supplied correspond as closely as possible to the colours of our products.

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Beautiful blinds and shutters for your home

Add the perfect finishing touch to your VELUX roof windows with VELUX blinds and shutters. We commissioned leading Parisian agency, Trend Union, to create an eclectic mix of colours and fabrics. The result is a stunning collection that complements every interior beautifully.

Installation instructions

The PDFs are detailed, illustrative instructions that carefully takes you trough every single step in the installation process. To be able to read a PDF file you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. The tool is free and can be downloaded from Adobe for free.

VELUX light dimming blind - with remote control and electrically powered

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Perfette per filtrare i raggi del sole senza dover rinunciare alla luce, creano una piacevole atmosfera in tutta la stanza. Si comandano attraverso il control pad touch screen, per il massimo del comfort.